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24 September 2015

6th Mazovian Development Forum

For the 6th Mazovian Development Forum we designed and programmed an event page, branding and DTP materials.
All of this could be seen between 7 and 8 of October 2015 at PGE National in Warsaw.
Admissions are free!

6 Forum Rozwoju Mazowsza
6 Forum Rozwoju Mazowsza6 Forum Rozwoju Mazowsza

17 July 2015 – e-shop


14 July 2015

R&D Club, Technology Scouting, Clustering – New look for techBrainers website

One of our newest and also most interesing projects – techBrainers website. Because of multitude of contect, we decided to go witch clean design complimented with interesting typography.


14 July 2015

Despair Games – Website

Despair Games
Despair Games

26 May 2015

Unusual logo for Despair Games

Logo for Despair Games needed to be associated with joy (That’s what games are all about!) and despair (Nope. Games are not about that). At the beginning it was tough to blend those two emotions, but finally we found a suitable solution.

Despair Games LogoDespair Games Logo
Despair Games LogoDespair Games Logo

22 April 2015

Our logo design gets nicer with every new MONGREI bag collection!

We coundn’t restrain oursefles! Watching such phenomenal bags with a logo by our design, makes us very proud ;) Big thanks to MONGREI for letting us post those photos ♥

Mongrei LogoMongrei Logo
Mongrei Logo

10 April 2015

Visiual Identity for Crusaders Warszawa

We had pleasure to work with Crusaders Warszawa on their visiual identity and designing new player outfits.

Crusaders Warszawa - Logo Crusaders Warszawa - Logo Crusaders Warszawa - Koszulki Crusaders Warszawa - Strój

01 April 2015

We were on a very smart breakfast :)

We are continuously improving our competence and follow the news, so last week we were on a delicious breakfast in Connectmedica. In addition to the fresh baguettes, a large portion of the knowledge, that we turned into practice immediately. :) We hope more such initiatives!